Our history

About Us

Bomas is a neighborhood Nevada Tavern. The most commonly asked question at Bomas is what exactly a Boma is.

The name comes from a family trip to South Africa. A Boma is a circular structure built out of common materials from the area to protect herds from the wilds of the bush. It is also commonly used as a gathering place for people. During our travels we spent a lot of our time in Bomas, either for meals or just to gather around a fire at the end of the day to reminisce about the adventures of our day.

As the nights went on the stories grew grander, and throughout our trip we all looked forward to the nights in the Boma. A decade later we opened our own Bomas with the hopes of creating a place where people could gather to reminince about the adventures of their day.

Bomas is owned by four siblings that also run BEKS Group LLC, a land and property Management Company, and Eagle Rock Gaming, a Slot Route Operator. These siblings carry on an impressive family legacy continued by their father, Ernest IV. Brian Becker serves as director for our leasing, property management and holdings, which include shopping centers, office complexes and multi-family structures. Kimberly Becker Riggs handles slot route operations of gaming devices for bars, taverns, convenience stores, grocery stores and other establishments where gaming is permitted. Sallie Becker is responsible for all restaurant and tavern operations. Sallie joined the family business in 2002 after graduating from California Culinary Academy in San Francisco where she earned an Associates of Occupational Studies degree. She used her skills to diversify BEKS Group’s commercial real estate and gaming interests by jumping into the hospitality industry. A native of Las Vegas, her 18 years of experience working in restaurants (Foreign Cinema in San Francisco), breweries (Silver Peak in Reno) and wine shops (Cheese Board and Wine Seller in Reno) were put to good use when she opened BOMAS Bar & Grill in 2005. Today, she oversees daily operations for BOMAS as well as development of future taverns/restaurants for BEKS Group.

Bomas also finds pride in giving back to the community. We donate time and money to the Ronald McDonald House of Las Vegas, Shade tree, First Friday Arts Festival in Downtown Las Vegas, Missing Children Campaign, our neighboring schools Cannarelli Middle School and Sierra Vista and Sport Sponsorships for Youth Leagues.